Dear valued clients,

Recently, many warnings have been issued against the phenomenon of impersonating securities companies to fraudulently appropriate clients' assets in cyberspace. As a precaution against cyber-crimes, in order to ensure the safety of client’s information and assets, RHB Vietnam Securities Co., Ltd would like to give caution and recommendations to clients as below:

1.Scammers fakes the website of a securities company for the purpose of raising capital from investors, then appropriate money will disappear. This capital mobilization can be done in the form of a business cooperation contract or fund management and securities portfolio management activities that are not licensed or managed by the State Securities Commission in accordance with law and regulations. Investors may be at risk when a dispute occurs without the protection of their rights and interests under the securities law.

Scam method: scammers instruct and suggest individuals to access impersonated links to perform money transfer to banks. After the individual access the link, it will open an interface similar to the interface of organizations and securities companies to buy and sell securities counters. After transferring money to designated bank accounts, investors cannot withdraw money from the account registered on the fake stock trading interface and money will be loss. 

2.Scammers impersonating employees of securities companies or strategic partners to text and make friends with victims via Zalo. The main purpose is to invite and entice the victim to make a payment and participate in the tasks given on the application to receive a high commission in return. After appropriating a large amount of money or suspected of having signs of fraud, the scammer will block friends or remove users from the application, asking the victim to go directly to the headquarters of the securities company to appeal.

3.Social media scams in the form of impersonating the social network accounts of securities companies to invite clients to receive gifts, attractive incentives, unexpected rewards and many other investment packages. At the end of articles, they often invite clients to click on a link to receive a reward or make a small investment.


Faced with such situation, RHB Securities Vietnam Co., Ltd advises clients to be careful to recognize all of these frauds. At the same time, it is recommended that clients do not access links in strange and unknown SMS and emails to prevent fraud and ensure safety.

In particular, clients must not provide account login information, OTP code, PIN code to any individual, unit or organization via phone, email, social networks or websites. In case of suspicion of fraud, it is necessary to immediately report to the investigating agency for timely handling.

Recommendations from RHB Securities Vietnam Co., Ltd:

In order to ensure the safety of information and assets, we recommend that clients DO NOT ACCESS SITES, DOWNLOAD APPS OR PROVIDE PERSONAL INFORMATION, or TRANSFER MONEY to those who show signs of fraud.

At the same time, RHB Securities Vietnam Co., Ltd recommends that clients contact the Company directly to check information about our contacts, products and services through our official channels:

In case clients suspect that they have transacted with scammers, please report them immediately to the Police Department.

Thank you and best regards,

RHB Securities Vietnam Co., Ltd

When providing services to users, whether individual clients or representatives of institutional clients, RHB Securities Vietnam (abbreviated: RHBS Vietnam) may be required to collect personal information from users. This information is an important basis for us to provide you with the best service. RHB Securities Vietnam is committed to protecting the above personal information appropriately by complying with the privacy policy below.

This policy regulates how to protect user information that we may collect in the process of customers using the website of RHBS Vietnam: the purpose of using the information; the circumstances in which we share information and the measures taken to ensure the security of our users' information.

1. Service user information
RHBS Vietnam collects personal information of users when voluntarily filling out forms on the website. The information we collect is mainly from the account opening application, forms or documents that users provide to RHBS Vietnam during the transaction process.

Information may include: full name, address, ID/CCCD/Passport number, nationality, phone number, email... In addition, depending on the products and services requested by the customer, RHBS Vietnam may receive additional information from users.

2. How RHBS Vietnam uses information
RHBS Vietnam may use personal information of users to:
  • Administer, operate, support and manage user transactions and/or accounts with RHBS Vietnam. This may include sharing information internally as well as disclosing such information to third parties covered by Section 3.
  • Contact the user, if possible/or the user's authorized person by post, phone, email, fax, etc. regarding the user's relationship, transaction and/or account use.
  • Provide users with information (such as investment research) or offer advice on products and services that RHBS offers.
  • Support for RHBS Vietnam's business activities including risk assessment and management, compliance with company regulations and laws.
If the user's transaction with RHBS Vietnam terminates, we will continue to process the user's personal information, to the extent possible, as described in this clause.

3. Cases where RHBS Vietnam is allowed to disclose information to third parties
RHBS Vietnam is not allowed to disclose personal information of users to third parties, except for the cases described in this clause.
  • RHBS Vietnam may share customer's personal information with our branches, transaction offices and representative offices in accordance with the law to provide services.
  • RHBS Vietnam may disclose and share customers' personal information to unaffiliated companies that are independent third parties that perform support services for users' accounts or support transactions. User translation with RHBS Vietnam. We will require third parties to agree to comply with appropriate security and privacy standards or to commit to providing the same level of security as RHBS Vietnam when handling customer information.
  • RHBS Vietnam may share personal information with government agencies and law enforcement agencies when required or as required by laws, rules or regulations. For example, providing information at the request of a court or competent authority or other organizations such as the State Securities Commission, the Stock Exchanges and the Vietnam Securities Depository.

The third-party receiving customer information is required to keep information confidential and commit to using the user's personal information within the scope and process of providing services and only for the purposes that RHBS Vietnam required.

RHBS Vietnam will not sell users' personal information.

4. User's rights
When providing personal information to RHBS Vietnam, users have the right to access any of their personal data held by RHBS Vietnam by submitting a request to RHBS Vietnam. Users will be provided with access to their information and can correct as necessary or remove inaccurate information in accordance with the provisions of RHBS Vietnam. RHBS Vietnam warrants cooperation in providing such access.

The user is responsible for the absolute confidentiality of the password to access the website of RHBS Vietnam. In the event that the password is stolen or suspected to be leaked, the user is responsible for sending an email to RHBS Vietnam immediately. Within 24 (twenty-four) hours after receiving the request, RHBS Vietnam will reactivate the access password and notify the user.

If the user fails to notify or notifies RHBS Vietnam of the stolen password or is suspected of revealing password information; this will be the basis to remove/disclaimer of RHBS Vietnam's liability for any damage or loss to user information.

5. Other regulations
These privacy policy terms form part of any other terms that the user has signed/agreed with RHBS Vietnam such as privacy policies, notices and any applicable law required forced to apply.

RHBS Vietnam may contact users by phone, post, email, fax... to provide information about
products and services that we believe users are interested in. If the user does not wish to be contacted in this manner or wishes to exercise his or her rights regarding adjustment and access to information/needs further information regarding the privacy policy, please contact RHB Securities Vietnam.

6. Possible risks when using
This is the official website and application for online securities trading of RHBS Vietnam. Users when performing online securities transactions on this online trading platform may face the following risks:
  • During transmission over the internet, trading orders may be suspended, suspended, delayed or have data errors;
  • The identification of organizations or investors may not be accurate, security errors may occur;
  • Market prices and other securities information may contain errors or misrepresentations;
  • Possible risks of authentication methods that place orders for users;
  • Other risks that competent state management agencies, securities companies, fund management companies and fund certificate distribution agents consider necessary to disclose.




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Dear Valued Customer,
RHB Securities Vietnam Co., Ltd (RHBSVN) would like to send greetings and best wishes to you.

To bring better service quality to customers, RHBSVN will conduct a maintenance technology system from  08h00 - 19h00 on Saturday, June 25, 2022, and from  9h00 - 18h00 on Sunday, June 26, 2022.

During the implementation period, the access to the online (online) securities trading system via the Internet (web trading) and the mobile (mobile trading) application may be interrupted. We hope for your understanding and apologize for this inconvenience.